Our knowledge of the market and years of experience, a lot of customers know where to find us. For various brands, importers and buyers, we therefore must have been producing beautiful collections. How we will proceed as described below.

1. Introduction

Everything starts with a good discussion. So did the collaboration with our customers. During the first meeting, we will listen to what your needs are, and how you see the collection for you.

2. Product design

The second step is the design of your product. Perhaps you have yourself a design or our stylists can help.

3. Sample development

On the basis of the design, we have to make a first sample. You can then see how it looks and whether it is to your liking. If not, we will adjust naturally to it.


Upon manufacturing of a collection come and watch conditions. It is important to establish this good on paper. What is discussed are the following topics:

– FOB (Freight, or free, On Board)

You bear responsibility for sending the goods.

– CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

We arrange the transport of the collection by sea to the port of destination. In addition, we provide both the necessary insurance as any other documents you may need to take over the goods from the carrier.

– DDP (free house)

Like it a Lot pays for all the costs that are involved in the transport of the goods. Costs for taxes are also included. Also we are responsible for the goods until the moment when everything is handed to you.

5. Production

Producing your collection under the guidance of our team. We assure you with this quality and that the collection is delivered on time.

6. Quality

To ensure quality, we check them during the entire process, in pre-production meetings, daily in-line and at the AQL Final Audit.

7. Shipping and delivery

Our logistics experts take care of the shipping and export documentation. This allows us to ensure rapid processing at customs and minimize logistics costs.