New Rebels


Describes our philosophy, it is the why of our existence. You’re young, spirited, fully ready to pursue dreams and adventure trough life. You’re also looking for yourself; in search of ways to express who you are. This road you’re on has its ups, downs and can often get pretty bumpy. What you need is a companion. Someone that inspires, something to rely on.


It tells us how we are going to achieve our vision. The new rebel collective encourages their peers to reinvent and express themselves without any limitations. Stay true to who you are, but don’t stay put. They inspire you to pack your bag; cross borders, push boundaries and discover unknown talents.


Describes the essence of the brand. Bags for the independent.


What do we promise to our customers?
We promise a companion you can rely on, designed to be part of your everyday life. A bag that suits your appearance and in time will become an extension of who you are. A bag that takes you places.


Who are the first to buy? Youngsters who are about to start their life journey.


What are the characteristics of the new rebels? The new rebel is very passionated about life, freedom and creativity being a very important aspect of it. They might not always fit in well, but they are always true to who they are. They enjoy being offbeat but don’t feel the constant pressure to stand out. Together they form a collective of likeminded, independent youngsters, ready to stir up life.